PODCAST: Due South Outfitters Podcast

When it comes to media publishing, Due South Outfitters is doing it right. After taking a look under the hood, it makes sense: the Boone, NC-based fly shop works works with WildFly Productions, a media company built from the ground up by photo/video ninja Scottie Finager. Scottie is known for producing some of the best fly fishing content in the Southeast and anything baring his name is sure to be entertaining.

I greet every fly fishing podcast (and podcasts in general) with a degree of skepticism. There are a few that are genuinely worth the time; Dave from the Wet Fly Swing Podcast puts out a great show, for example. But there are many that I can’t listen to for more than 120 seconds before dozing off. It’s not the podcaster’s fault - they are guides, shop owners, and brand managers… not entertainers or radio personalities.

IMAGE CREDIT:   Patrick Sessoms

IMAGE CREDIT: Patrick Sessoms

Luckily, Due South Outfitters owner Patrick Sessoms is not a boring guy. He seems like the kind of dude you could spend a few hours with in the shop and not encounter one dull moment.

While the podcast is still in its early stages, it has LOTS of potential. If the first episode is an indicator of what we can expect in the future, it appears to be a blend of actionable fishing reports in the first half of the show, followed by stories and tips in the latter half.

The reason this podcast will make a big splash, in my opinion, is the quality of the information. Sessoms sits down with a couple of his guides to discuss the recent fishing conditions in western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee to the audience with the info they need to have a productive day on the water. If you frequent either of these areas, this is the podcast for you.