VIDEO: Fly Fishing Alpine Lakes

There are thousands of high mountain lakes out there. Some have fish, some don’t. Some have good fishing, some don’t. So how do you figure out which lakes to go to? The Internet. Duh.
— Ben Sittig, Huge Fly Fisherman

Any time a video starts with a guy drinking a beer high in the backcountry at 7:18 in the morning, you know it’s going to be entertaining.

Ben’s work is fun to watch. And that’s not something you can say for all fly fishing Youtubers. The founder of the Huge Fly Fisherman brand always puts out videos that are lighthearted, but also full of information. The man is as far from pompous as it gets. He never takes himself too seriously or acts like he knows everything, which makes him easy to relate to.

In this video, Ben discusses the process of how to find and fish alpine lakes. It may be less than 6 minutes in length, but this video is a must-watch for anyone trying to explore the high country in search of native cutthroat.