VIDEO: Fly Fishing Vintage, Lackawanna County, PA - August '19

These 6 and a half foot and seven foot fly rods are great for these smaller streams. You give up a little bit with casting and reach, but you gain a lot in terms of ease of being able to get on and off the stream, up and down the stream, dealing with brush and limbs. And also with a PA brookie “trophy” being 10”-12”, on a rod like this they just feel... The fight is amazing.
— Michael Evanko, Wooly Bugged

I always get stoked when blogger/Youtuber Michael Evanko announces a new video because they usually include some fantastic brook trout cameos. He has a knack for nailing camera placement on solo trips, which is really tricky when you’re attempting to capture hook sets on video. But his videos really hit home because that’s by far my favorite style of fly fishing: creeping up on native trout in beautiful mountain blue lines.

In this video, Mike explores a scenic tributary in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. After a quick story on the vintage rod he’s using this week, the Wooly Bugged founder goes on to fool a slew of pretty brookies in dramatic fashion. All of the eats were fun to watch and made me reminisce on my trips to brook trout country. Memory lane isn’t so bad sometimes.

Great stuff, looking forward to the next one.